Dog Portraits and more | Denver, Colorado

By Spates Pet Photography

I know that if you are here, you consider your pets to be an integral part of your family.
The companion and the joy that our pets give us is an incredibly important bond.
You could have instant pictures and video of your pet on your mobile device, but you know this is not good enough.
The truth is that a professional setting for a photo shoot provides a completely different result than any spontaneous situation.
A pet photography session allows for a timeless result that you will be able to share with loved ones today and for generations to come.
Your pets deserve to be captured with an elegant and highly professional image. One that will honor the loyalty, the love and the incredible experiences that you share with them!
I will create images of your dogs, cats, or any other pet you have. Images that you are going to want in your album and printed on your wall!
Your pet deserves a rightful place in your family memories and you can also get a high quality print to hand at home.


  • Spates Pet Photography captured the fun, cuteness and energy of our 4 month old doodle. Every time I look at the photo’s, I feel excited and grateful for capturing our pup in at that moment of time, because she is growing so fast! I cherish these pictures and will always remember her puppy greatness!!

    Susan Johnson, Sadie’s Mom

  • Duuuude those are so good. I just showed my girl and she’s like “Holy shit those are amazing”

    Danny C., Harley’s Owner

  • Thank you so much for sending this over, and for being so great with Josie – you definitely have a knack for capturing great dog pictures and I was beyond impressed at the quality of the images you took.

    I LOVE the pictures.

    Mara Elaine, Josie’s Mom